Industry Track - Network Function Virtualization Security

Panel: Network Function Virtualization Security - Challenges and Opportunities

Panel Chair:

Dr. Igor Faynberg (ETSI NFV Security WG Chair)


Enterprises and service providers continue to rapidly advance cloud infrastructures to cost effectively provide highly connected services. The entire supply chain and infrastructure of information and communications technology is being reinvented. This transformation presents both new challenges and opportunities to security engineers. This session will review why open distributed architectures require new approaches to security and cover key advances. 


Slicing, virtualization: Security aspects
Eduardo Jacob received a BSc in Industrial Engineering and an MSc in Industrial Communications and Electronics from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in 1987. He spent two years in a public R&D Telecommunications enterprise. Later, he spent several years as IT director in the private sector before returning to the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao and completing his Ph.D. in ICT in 2001. He is currently an assistant professor on that same Faculty, where he acted as Head of the Communications Engineering Department from 2012 to 2016. He also leads the Basque Country Government funded, I2T (Engineering and Research on Telematics) research group. His research interests are related to Network Virtualization, application Software Defined Networks to Industry 4.0, cybersecurity in distributed systems and IP-enabled wireless sensors. He has directed several Ph.D. theses and managed several research projects at local, national and European levels.
NFV Security Challenges
Dr. Galina D. Pildush has been active in computer networking and cybersecurity industry for more than twenty years. She holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management, specializing in IT, an MSc and BSc, both in Computer Science. Over eight years ago, Galina’s passion had expanded into Mobile Service Provider infrastructure protection, cloud security, and virtualization. Throughout the years, Galina held various engineering roles, product management & architecture, and strategy & planning with various high-­‐tech companies. Galina is an active industry standards contributor (3GPP, IETF, ETSI), an author of computer networking books and articles, and is a frequent speaker/panelist at various security conferences, evangelizing Mobile Service Providers’ infrastructure security and services. At Palo Alto Networks, current Galina’s role is World Wide Consulting Engineering, focusing on Mobile Service Providers’ infrastructure security and services.
Security from the Ground up—why the perimeter security fails
Michael Lazar is a veteran of the telecom industry and has held C-level positions in system design, custom engineering, and software development for the last two decades. He joined DataArt in 2016 to lead the company's telecom practice, focusing on the most demanding areas of the marketplace - systems performance, NFV, SDN & telecom security. Prior to joining DataArt, Mr. Lazar was Chief Technology Officer of Veloxum/Ambicom Holdings where he was responsible for developing system optimization software, and before that CTO of Network Physics, where he led the design and development of Voice over IP (VoIP) and Financial Information exchange (FIX) monitoring software. Prior to the CTO role, Michael was VP of Customer Advocacy at Network Physics, in charge of worldwide pre-sales engineering, post-sales support, and custom engineering. Prior to Network Physics, Michael held senior technical roles at Datatec Systems and Spirian Technologies, Inc. Mr. Lazar holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from New York’s Queens College and holds a patent for Systems and Methods of Tuning an Operating System, Application or Network Component.