Industry Track - Ecosystems of Connected Devices

Panel: Ecosystems of Connected Devices

Panel Chair:

Dr. Wesley K. Kaplow (CTO, Tenica)


With the dramatic and highly publicized Mirai attacks in the fall of 2016, IoT security has come to the forefront of all network security concerns. The lack of sufficient device security on typically deployed devices has become quite clear. Yet, there are industry groups seeking to provide strong and scalable solutions to secure devices. However, IoT devices are often part of a service that involves more than just the device. This session will review current trends and practices in the context of security ecosystems of connected devices. 


The Future of Cyber Security
Craig Bowman (VP, Public Sector - Advanced Solutions, Verizon)
The footprint of technology is accelerating beyond our capacity to keep up from a cybersecurity perspective. Devices and technology are being added to networks without the necessary testing and procedures to ensure our networks remain secure. This discussion will look at these shifting trends and how Verizon is keeping ahead of the cyber tsunami coming at us.

Strategies for Securing the Internet of Things
Donald Parente (AT&T AVP, Eng & Arch Public Sector)
Even in its early years, it’s become clear that IoT is transforming how government and business operate. As it continues to grow, IoT will involve billions of new connected devices sending and receiving data across communications networks, creating entirely new security needs and vulnerabilities. This talk to will describe strategies for securing IoT solutions from device to data.

Look Before you Leap: Use of Open Source Data to Protect your Identity and Business
James Payne (Dun & Bradstreet Special Projects)
Businesses and consumers expect that the Internet of Things will significantly simply lives and become great tools for efficiencies. While largely true the same technology can also become the source of great complexity. The enemy sees this same technology as a greenfield opportunity for fraud and identity theft. Preparing for this next generation of IOT offerings means that businesses and consumers need to increase their awareness of who we are talking and connecting to. As IOT becomes a basic tool for marketing and presenting goods and services the consumer must increase their awareness of the possibility for bad actors to exploit the situation. I will discuss the use of how open source data can shield and protect the IOT user before they click “I Agree&rdquo.

Why AI is critical to the future of Enterprise Security
Alan Ross (CTO, Cybraics)
The past 15 years has brought dramatic changes to: Enterprise Compute Models, The Attack Landscape, Our Enterprise Security Architecture, The Scale of Logging and Telemetry, Machine Learning dramatically assists with detection, Humans don’t scale the way everything else is, AI is the only way forward.